Stand – Up Pouch

This type of bag is characterised by their ability to stand up thanks to the gusset at the bottom. They usually come with a zipper or airtight closure on the top so the customer can open and close the packaging as many times as necessary without affecting the bag’s content preservation.

You can pack countless products such as fertilizers, chemicals, organic food, nuts, powders, sugars, cereals, milk powder, protein, flour, breads, nuts, coffee, and so on.

Stand Up Pouch bags are made of several layers of material, and high barrier films, providing protection against steam, moisture, smell and even light.


With K or U seal

Sizes with Handle

Minimum width: 10 cm Maximum width: 41 cm

Minimum gussets: 5 cm Maximum gussets: 13 cm

Minimum height 10 cm Maximum height: 40 cm


High or low density polyethylene, BOPP, polyester.

Printing capacity

1-10 spot color inks and CMYK color


Matte, shiny, natural.

Minimum purchase

100 thousands

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